Monday, October 10, 2011

See what a 13 hour crop and craft can do to you? :)

So I dont remember posting this earlier but I did go to a 13 hour crop and craft at ARCHIEVES here in the Springs it was a very fun day and we accomplished alot! Im sooooo excited to share!
This was basiclly my 13 hours I was Cuttlebugging alot of things for my mom bellow is all of the embelishments and on the projects below ill show what they cut :)

Just have to love Creative Time!

Almost all of the things I bought except my signature stamp that I bought but unfortunatly am going to hide. :)

My moms new creation for my class for HALLOWEEN! ( I cut that scallope and cirlce on CUTTLEBUG)

Bucket full

Mom made 200 of these gost suckers for trick or treaters

As I showed in my Youtube video 2 or 3 weeks ago I was working on a chore chart well here it is


Top part

Random card (for my premade card buiz)

My newest creation a spin off from the WICKED WITCH OFTHE WEST on WIZARD OF OZ (hand draw and chalked)


My moms HALLOWEEN cards


Moms signature stamp


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