Monday, May 30, 2011

May 27th, 2011

 First theing in the morning we went to pick up Meagan for her "Day of Fun" before her birthday the next day, grandma then took us to Villiage INN SOOOOO GOOOD. After that mom wanted to return the keys to the owner of our new home so we went out to Waddell and I got to see my best friend RIO RIPPLE. Then we came back into town and went to Best Buy to buy Meagan her new laptop we ended up finding one and went home. About and hour later we all got ready to go to dinner and waited on Kasen and Anthoney to show up. After they showed up we went out to eat at this little place called, "T-Bone Steak House" nesteled up in the mountains after we were done their we came home and Kasen left after Kasen left grandma broke out the movie Black Swan and I had to go upstairs because I couldnt watch it and ended up falling asleep. Well.... Happy Early B-Day Meag!!!!!!!!

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