Friday, May 20, 2011

May 22nd, 2011

Hey! Just logged on to blog about my day. We had to wake up at like 6 to get ready to go to the mall so we could go to moms hair appointment at 9 (You know, us girls, take sooo long in the shower and making ourselves pretty) we left at around 8:06 and drove to the mall it was about 8:28 so we went to subway and grabbed a morning sub/English muffin thing sat down ate then went to the hair salon. We left their at about 12 and then we went to go check out the jewelery place in the mall and see if moms ring was back in from the diamond fixers (she lost a diamond) before we leave for AZ next week. They had fixed it and shipped it back to the store today so mom was exstatic. Then we went to see dad give him a kiss and ask him when hes going to be home he said early so we left. Then we went to WALMART and bought some stuff for the Tierra Vista BINGO FAMILY EDITION tonight. We have BINGO in about 3 hours and are hopping dad will be home to make it <>


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